hey guys, I wanted to share you a dictionary for Syrian Arabic, which i created to help you learn Syrian Arabic more efficiently by being able to look up words faster, learning how to conjugate verbs in Syrian Arabic accurately, and moreover, to see how verbs in different tenses could be combined with different accusative and dative suffixes, which simply can lead you to speaking Syrian Arabic very fluently.
There are more than 5,000 english words to be translated into many syrian arabic synonyms (more than 6,000), if you have more suggestions, you can simply contact me, where I will be gratefully adding more words and sending you guys the updated version.

Here you can see of course how the program looks like with some of its features:


You will surely enjoy it and take a lot of advantage of it.

The Sentences Builder in Windows Version

*hint: in the demo version there are only words (beginning wit A and B), so you can’t test the complete version of Sentences Builder, instead you can use sentences beginning only with these words. So here are some suggestions:
– this boy is arabic.
– these argentine books are beautiful.
– this book is similar to my book.
– you should have been on touch with me.
– I was shocked when it began raining.
– why has he been always abreacting on her.
– the arabic book that you bought is really beneficial .

  • here you can see a video for the Sentences Builder :

Android version gallery:

You can buy it from the links below:


For more information, you can contact me always at : mustafaalotbah@gmail.com

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