Damascus ( in MSA : دمشق‎‎ dimashq [ ˈdimaʃq ] ) is the capital and likely the largest city of Syria, following the decline in population of Aleppo due to the ongoing battle for the city. It is commonly known in Syria as “el Shám” (Arabic: الشام‎‎ ash-Shām) and can also be called the City of Jasmine (Arabic: مدينة الياسمين‎‎ Madīnet el-Yāsmīn). In addition to being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Damascus is a major cultural and religious centre of the Levant.

Image from Damascus, Syria

Located in south-western Syria, Damascus is the centre of a large metropolitan. The population of the center alone is 2.6 million people (2004). Geographically contains the eastern foothills of the Anti-Lebanon mountain range 80 kilometres.

around 50 mil distant from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean on a plateau 680 metres (2,230 ft) above sea level, Damascus experiences a semi-arid climate because of the rain shadow effect. The Barada River flows through Damascus.

from Wikipedia on 1st, Jan 2017.

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